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The Tri-state Oversight Committee is a partnership between state-level agencies in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia to jointly oversee safety and security at the Washington, DC Metrorail system.


December 5, 2013

The TOC delivered a quarterly presentation to the WMATA Board of Directors Safety and Security Committee today. The report highlighted the TOC’s recent accomplishments, plans for the future, and topics related to WMATA Metrorail incident investigations.

Among the highlights of the TOC’s recent activities:

  • Ms. Klara Baryshev assumed the role of TOC Chair in September.
  • The TOC is part of the committee reviewing the fatal October 6 Red Line accident investigation
  • The TOC continues to monitor the Silver Line project’s progress toward certification for safety and security readiness. The TOC is now working together with the Federal Transit Administration to plan joint, final reviews of the project to occur prior to the start of revenue service.
  • The TOC's current cycle of independent safety and security audits of the Metrorail system continues to progress; the Federal Transit Administration requires that these reviews occur once within a three-year timeframe. The first review, which concluded in May, examined WMATA’s implementation of its procurement processes. The next audit, which covered several safety program topics, concluded in October. Future safety reviews in spring 2014 will cover Roadway Worker Protection training and compliance
For more information, the slides from the TOC’s presentation can be viewed here.

November 22, 2013

The TOC is heightening its continuing safety and security oversight of WMATA’s Silver Line extension as the project moves closer to opening to the public. The TOC has maintained an ongoing role in monitoring project developments for the last several years.

Currently, Dulles Transit Partners (DTP) is completing final construction details and conducting tests to certify that the extension meets safety and security specifications of the project plans. Once DTP completes this certification, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) will verify the safety certification and complete other transitional tasks before turning the extension over to WMATA. WMATA will then begin the “Pre-Revenue” phase, including training its employees and running non-passenger trains on a test schedule. At the same time, WMATA will also examine the DTP and MWAA certification documents to verify that all safety-critical project items (including, but not limited to, systems, facilities, equipment, procedures, and training) have been completed.

During the Pre-Revenue phase, the TOC must conduct its own final assessment of the Silver Line’s safety and security readiness. This review will be the culmination of TOC’s oversight of the safety and security certification program for Phase 1 of the Silver Line, and is designed to help ensure that the Silver Line will be safe and secure when it opens for passenger service. Dates marking the beginning of the Pre-Revenue phase, as well as the beginning of passenger service, have not been formally established by WMATA or MWAA; once they are set, TOC will schedule its own review. The TOC will also support WMATA’s efforts to ensure that the safety and security certification process has been completed prior to the start of passenger service. The TOC’s comprehensive review will seek to ensure WMATA has followed its safety and security plans and has formulated appropriate operations and maintenance procedures to integrate the Phase 1 Silver Line into service without hazardous conditions. Once successfully completed, the TOC will submit its approval of the entire safety and security process to the Federal Transit Administration. This approval, along with the approval of the WMATA Board of Directors for WMATA to start revenue operations, will signal the opening of the Silver Line for passenger service.

The TOC looks forward to conducting this assessment and joining the public on Silver Line service in 2014.

In summary, the transition of the Silver Line from construction to revenue service will occur in the following phases:

  1. DTP finishes construction and provides Safety and Security Certification to MWAA. MWAA verifies and accepts DTP’s certification and, if necessary, will work with DTP to resolve any outstanding issues.

  2. MWAA will then provide Safety and Security Certification to WMATA; WMATA begins its pre-revenue service activities on the Silver Line corridor.

  3. WMATA will verify MWAA’s Safety and Security Certification and start its own Safety and Security Certification process and pre-revenue operations; the TOC will actively monitor this process. The TOC will also conduct a concurrent Pre-Revenue Service Review (PRSR). The TOC’s PRSR results in an interim report to WMATA that identifies safety- and security-critical items, if any, that WMATA must address prior to the start of revenue service. These mitigations can be complete fixes or appropriate work-around. The TOC will monitor WMATA’s progress in mitigating these issues prior to the start of Silver Line revenue service.

  4. WMATA will issue a final Safety and Security Certification; the TOC will review this certification prior to the date of Silver Line revenue service. The TOC will then issue a formal concurrence to FTA.

  5. WMATA begins revenue service on the Silver Line. The TOC will continue to closely monitor any remaining open items and will integrate oversight of the Silver Line into the TOC’s overall oversight program.

October 7, 2013

The TOC is actively monitoring WMATA’s investigation of an accident that killed one contractor and injured two employees conducting work on the Red Line on Sunday. The Committee will provide questions and input into WMATA’s investigation, which the TOC must review and approve. The TOC will also work with WMATA to ensure that its investigation results in corrective actions to prevent the causes from reoccurring.

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